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Reed Selects:Award Season Best Dressed

Reed RobertsonComment
Reed Selects:Award Season Best Dressed

With Award Season over and filed away, let’s take a look back at our top picks of the season as a whole, to see who slayed the carpet every time and at every turn.

7. John Krasinski & Bradley Cooper

These two gents proved that sometimes the most handsome look for a man is black tie

6. Rachel Brosnahan

Mrs. Maisel was a big award winner this season not only at the shows but on the red carpet as well. Doth I have a favorite? Duh. Three words for you; Carolina Herrera Pantsuit.

5. Danai Gurira

The fiercest warrior in Wakanda showed her Fashion Chops this award season, playing with feminine accessories and ladylike lines.

4. billy porter

There is no other word for Billy Porter besides Rulebreaker. The veritable Khaleesi of Award Season, he broke every rule and did it flawlessly.

3. emily blunt

Mary Poppins herself knew what we wanted and she gave it to us at every turn. Feminine musings, menswear twists, and of course that megawatt smile.

2. lady Gaga

The queen of shape shifting evolved beautifully over Award Season consistently leaving us in a state of high fashion panic, making us all go utterly GAGA!!

  1. gemma chan

Gemma had my vote very early on as the star to watch this Award Season and she in no way let us down. From gooey gowns to chic shifts, she fulfilled and checked every Fashion Nerd’s bingo card for a perfect award season run!