Gumption Gear / Rosie Assoulin

Gumption Gear / Rosie Assoulin

Few designers hold a place in my heart the way Rosie Assoulin does. Her ability to not only dress women, but rather see them, is a gift that simply cannot be taught.

Image via Tatler Hong Kong

Image via Tatler Hong Kong

Rosie Assoulin grew up in Brooklyn and has always kneeled to the Alter known as fashion. She gained vital skills from her mentor (and now mother in law) the She-Ra of the Jewelry world, Roxanne Assoulin. From there, she worked for Oscar de la Renta under his tutelage, and at Lanvin with Alber Elbaz, both of which I feel you can sense influence from in her collections. She has also spent time in event and floral design, but ultimately fashion won out, and we are oh so grateful that it did.

Her first collection, resort 2014 was met with critical praise and breathed a sweet smelling fresh breath into the landscape of New York and American fashion at large.

And now, a story.

I remember the day Forty Five Ten first received it’s buy from Rosie’s inaugural collection. I was instantly drawn to it. there was something magical about it that connected with me on some Fashion Unicorn level. It was a white bustier peplumed top with multicolor painted stripes, among other stellar pieces, and it immediately became my most coveted item in the store (as evidenced by this photo I posted of it on my instagram).

I like to think that I can connect with fashion, but this was different;

It evoked Happiness.

And that is exactly who Rosie Assoulin is in a nutshell. Or in a bustier. Either way, you get it.

Her designs have evolved since that first collection and not only stylistically, they’ve strengthened. She has also grown in depth adding handbags, to die for shoes, and now her second label. By any other Name launched in early 2019.

Visual Proof. Posted May 7, 2014. Image via my Instagram

Visual Proof. Posted May 7, 2014. Image via my Instagram

Favorite Lewks

(or… my own personal sophie’s choice)

With today’s bow of Resort 2020, Rosie is now 17 collections strong, and therefore has given me MANY a major fashion moment. I have SOMEHOW narrowed the lewks down for you below. While you parooze, Imma sit down. This was ROUGH.

all images via

Three Musketeers. Image via My Instagram

Three Musketeers. Image via My Instagram

so, what makes rosie so special, you ask?

First of all if you ask that question, you must have missed the section directly above this, but I’m a giver so allow me to extrapolate for you.

Rosie loves what she does.

From the design process, to her stunning Visual Presentations of new seasons, to market with buying teams, and finally to trunk shows, she is one hundred percent, all in, every step of the way. She creates a connection with her clients, both emotionally and physically, that is uncanny. I have seen her unhook a woman’s bra to help her try on a dress. She is in the fitting room, talking about her designs and what makes them so special, and all of sudden, you see that she gets the same amount of joy out of the pieces as I did that first time I saw her multicolored bustier. Rosie is a lover of Fashion. And it is truly one of the loveliest things to witness.

and finally…

I’ll just say this. Personally, Rosie is the kind of friend you want in this world. It’s as simple as that. She is truly as special as the works of wearable art she creates.

And that makes me happy. Or rather, her friendship evokes Joy.

Want Proof? Have no fear Sis, I always bring receipts…

for more on rosie assoulin, her eponimous line and her latest collection by any other name, visit her official websites.